Video: Journey To Abbey Road

This mini documentary includes music videos for both songs.

Video: Full Giles Martin Segment

On January 3, 2014, I thought it might be fun to dust off some video for Tim's birthday. SO... here's the entire Giles Martin segment. Happy Birthday, Ringo!

Video: A Couple of Songs at the End of the Day

At the end of laying down tracks, and before heading in to mix, Tim and I had time in Studio Two by ourselves to break down our gear. As Tim was breaking down, I grabbed an acoustic guitar and played a couple of Beatle songs. It was the 42nd anniversary of John recording Strawberry Fields in that very room, so I gave it and Norwegian Wood a shot - warts (lots of them) and all. It was also bittersweet, as it was the anniversary of John's death.

Video: Happy Xmas War Is Over

In 2016, Geoffrey Tierson asked if I had any video to contribute to his Christmas Music page. I'd recorded Happy Xmas War Is Over for my Official Bob Martin Audio Christmas Card in 2008. I had no video, so I dug up the footage from Abbey Road, threw some snow over it, and used it as the video for the song.